Welcome to our Journey!

“Hunger is the best sauce in the world.” - Don Quixote

We've been going strong for over 25,ooo Km, 16 months and just as many countries. It is a hunger for existence that keeps us going. An urge to find what we are made of. We communicate with the world in our way: with food and stories. Two things we can all share. And in this way we will keep going. To connect people through maps, cookbooks, documentaries and experiences that will leave you satisfied with a hunger for life.



Who's on board

Guglielmo the unpredictable cook (left), Cameron the vigilant film maker (right) and Monika the TukTuk. Sol Food Cinema was born out of the friendship of two young travelers. A cook and a writer. We decided to explore the connection between our crafts with a simple experiment: trading food for stories. We also decided that we needed a little more adventure in our lives and began a round trip from Italy to Singapore, primarily by land, with nothing but our own savings. The results have been nothing short of astonishing. The people we’ve fed, the stories they’ve shared with us, and the freedom to carry on our mission by any means necessary.

That's us

A Earthly Bowl of Food

When we reached the far side of the world, we realized the real journey had just begun - the journey home. We will return to the West and share what we’ve found, publishing a book of stories and recipes, producing a feature documentary about how we found them, and opening a kitchen studio so people can taste the experience for themselves. But ultimately we will go to discover who we have become along the way.


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